Friday, 23 March 2018

Joan Kahn (ed) - Some Things Fierce and Fatal - Bodley Head -

Joan Kahn (ed) - Some Things Fierce and Fatal - Bodley Head

Short stories by C S Forester, Edward H Smith, Ray Bradbury, H G Wells and others.

This is the first collection compiled by Joan Kahn that I`ve read, and was part of a series ; Some Things Dark and Dangerous, Some Things Strange and Sinister etc.

There are 14 stories by 14 writers. Three of the tales included are said by the editor to be factual, though my feeling is that one of these, A Tale of Terror by Paul Louis Courier, is really a short story, though it is presented as a reminiscence. 

There is only one that I personally would not have included, which is David Hogan`s The Leaping Trout. It is clear to me that he can write, and tell a story in a way that holds your attention, but in this case his writing is mannered and at times pretentious ("the new moon rose above Mullaghcleevaun mountain like the diadem of a fairy queen walking upon its summit")  and in the end the story goes nowhere.

There are a number that stand out in my mind ; Celia Fremlin`s tense psychological piece `Something Evil in the House`, Stanley Ellins` crime-story-with-a-difference
`The 9 to 5 Man`, Julian Symons` suspenseful `Eight Minutes to Kill` and Dwynwen Richards` charmingly whimsical `Traveller`s Joy`.

All of the others are fine pieces anyone would be happy to have in their collection, but those are my personal favourites. 

Overall, a collection I`d recommend. 

Just as a footnote, my copy is not for sale but you should be able to pick one up at a reasonable price if you search around a bit. 

Saturday, 17 March 2018

Ghost Sign - Neville`s Garage - Nottinghamshire - North Notts

This ghost sign appears on the side of a private house on the road between Langley Mill and Eastwood (North Nottinghamshire). 

It`s size and position means it is very apparent to motorist driving along that road, but sadly it`s not so easy to get a decent picture of it.

As you might be able to tell, it advertises a business called Nevilles` Garage, which it describes as being, IIRC, a mile further along the road. 

I`ve only come across one other photo of it, which was posted on Flickr by someone called Claire, who had the good sense to take her shot from the other side of the road at a time when there was little traffic about. 

It is captioned `Neville`s Garage, Eastwood` .

It would be interesting to know whether the eponymous Neville lived there at some point and saw a chance to plug his business, or whether he perhaps paid someone to have his sign on the outside of their home. 

If anyone knows, get in touch. 

Boris Karloff talks FRANKENSTEIN in rare 1963 interview

Monday, 12 March 2018

Scout Hut, Hyson Green, Nottingham (Trafalgar Lodge)

I`m having a look through some old pictures to see if there any others might like to see. 

This is a scout hut near Hyson Green, Nottingham, just by the Goose Fair site.

I took this just because I liked the art work with no particular thought of sharing it with anyone else. 

Next time I`m in the area I`ll try to find time to get some more pics as there is artwork all round it.

Should you be interested, I gather the hut is called Trafalgar Lodge as the scout group in question were originally based at Trafalgar Street, Radford, Nottm  .

Monday, 5 March 2018

Bach, "Little" Fugue in G minor, Organ

Looking at this blog you could be forgiven for thinking I only listen to vintage reggae, but that`s not the case.

Here`s something else I like

Saturday, 3 March 2018

Ghost Sign - Benleys Store - Hockley/Sneinton, Nottingham

As you may know, `ghost signs` are the remains of old hand-painted signs on buildings drawing the attention of passers-by to a business that either occupied that building or could be found nearby. Naturally, the businesses usually no longer exist but the sign has outlived them, at least for now.

Walk from Nottingham city centre through Hockley towards Sneinton and you will find this advertisement for `Benleys`, purveyors of furniture, carpets and women`s and children`s clothing.

Judging by the size of the building I would say it was a substantial enterprise, possibly quite up-market in it`s day.

As yet we`ve not been able to find out anything about it. Perhaps others can help ?